Sunday, 1 February 2015

Civilians' movement restricted in war-torn Eastern Ukraine - Движение гражданских лиц »ограничены в истерзанной войной восточной Украины - Estou muito preocupado com a Guerra

DONETSK, Ukraine — A demonstration organized by pro-Ukrainian groups in this eastern city became violent when masked men attacked with bats and tear gas late Monday.
Dozens of men dressed in military fatigues and wielding baseball bats waded into the rally of some 2,000 people in Donetsk, heart of a separatist uprising against Kiev, according to Reuters. They lobbed fire-crackers and what appeared to be at least one stun grenade.
Some of the baseball bat-wielding militants were wearing "People's Republic of Donetsk" shirts. A few pro-Ukraine riot police chased them but most either froze or scattered. The chaos lasted about 10 minutes.
 Украина - демонстрация, организованная про-украинских групп в этом
восточный город стал насильственный характер, когда люди в масках напали с битами и слезы
газ в понедельник поздно вечером. Десятки людей, одетых в военную форму и

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